Looking around I've found this extremelly useful app that allows you to syncronize your settings between multiple computers using VSC. The author is Shan Khan and I thank him from here for this wonderful creation.

Key Features

  • Use your GitHub account token and Gist.
  • Easy to Upload and Download on one click.
  • Show a summary page at the end with details about config and extensions effected.
  • Auto Download Latest Settings on Startup.
  • Auto upload Settings on file change.
  • Share the Gist with other users and let them download your settings.
  • Supports GitHub Enterprise

It Syncs

  • Settings File
  • Keybinding File
  • Launch File
  • Snippets Folder
  • VSCode Extensions Settings
  • Workspaces



  • Upload Key : Shift + Alt + U
  • Download Key : Shift + Alt + D

Plublisher website